Back-to-School Season: The Importance of School Planners

The back-to-school season is fast approaching, and it's time to gear up for another year of learning and adventure. Among the must-haves for the new school year, the school planner holds a special place. This simple yet powerful tool helps students organize their homework, manage their schedules, and ensure nothing is forgotten. At Maxxidiscount, we offer a wide range of school planners, including the renowned Oxford planners, known for their quality and practicality.

Why is a School Planner Essential?

  1. Homework and Project Organization A school planner allows students to jot down their assignments and projects. It helps plan ahead, avoiding last-minute stress. Students can better manage their time and avoid forgetting tasks.

  2. Time Management With a planner, students can track their daily and weekly activities. This includes not only classes but also extracurricular activities, appointments, and study periods. Good time management is crucial for balancing studies and leisure.

  3. Tracking Evaluations The planner allows noting exam and test dates. By having an overview of important deadlines, students can plan their revisions effectively.

  4. Developing Organizational Skills Using a planner helps students develop essential skills such as time management, planning, and prioritizing tasks. These skills will be useful throughout their lives.

  5. Stress Reduction Knowing what needs to be done and when significantly reduces stress. A school planner brings peace of mind as everything is noted and planned.

Oxford Planners: Quality Choice at Maxxidiscount

At Maxxidiscount, we are proud to offer a range of Oxford school planners, renowned for their exceptional quality and functionality. Here are some key models you can find on our site:

  1. Oxford Office Scribzee Planner 21x29.7cm (August 2024/August 2025) This planner offers a large size for more writing space, ideal for students who like to detail their notes and plans. It is compatible with the Scribzee app, allowing easy digitization and organization of your notes.

  2. Oxford Touch School Planner 2024/2025 12x18 cm This more compact model is perfect for students who prefer a more portable format. Despite its reduced size, it offers enough space to note all important information.

How to Choose the Right Planner?

When choosing a school planner, it is important to consider several factors:

  • Format: Choose a format that suits your needs. A large format offers more writing space, while a compact format is easier to carry.
  • Durability: Ensure the planner is sturdy and can withstand a year of intensive use. Oxford planners are known for their quality and durability.
  • Features: Look for additional features such as note sections, monthly planners, and contact pages.
  • Design: Opt for a design that you like and that will motivate you to use your planner regularly.


A school planner is an essential tool for a successful school year. It helps organize homework, manage time, track evaluations, and develop organizational skills. At Maxxidiscount, we offer a selection of high-quality school planners, including Oxford planners, to meet all your needs. Visit our site to discover our complete range and find the perfect planner for you or your child.

Explore our collection of Oxford planners and more at Maxxidiscount. Get ready for an organized and stress-free school year with the indispensable tool that is the school planner!

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