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A wide choice of cheap puzzles to develop the child's senses.

Puzzles for children are interesting educational toys to develop the memory, concentration, logic and reflection of the little ones.

Inexpensivekids puzzles, children can develop several essential senses such as shape recognition. Toddlers learn to distinguish shapes like circles, triangles, rectangles and squares.

Buy toys 1st age wooden cheap such as wooden puzzles.

From a few pieces for baby puzzles to more than a hundred for older children, the puzzles adapt to the age and abilities of different children.

A large selection of puzzle boxes and activity books Sassi Junior available at discount price.

In the effigy of their favorite heroes or animals, puzzles for children allow them to recreate in 2D, the thrilling adventures of their favorite characters.

For the little ones,baby puzzles allow them to develop their sense of observation and their motor skills thanks to pieces specially designed to be easily grasped by their little hands...