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Welcome to our shop at Cheap Bibs

A large selection of Bibs for babies at discount prices.

Looking for the best baby bib? You've come to the right place!

Several types of bibs available at Maxxidiscount birth, bib with sleeves, plastic bib, bib with recuperator, bib with scratch.

A few tablespoons of mashed potatoes, a little baby porridge, it's delicious, but a little messy!

To preserve your child's clothes while he eats, a baby bib is the practical accessory without compromise.

Major brands of bibs: Babycalin, Disney Baby, Peppa pig, Winnie the Pooh, Superman, Batman and many other licenses.

Take advantage of our superb year-round offer of 2 bibs purchased and the 3rd free*

Also valid on batches of bibs and bibs on sale!

* The cheapest of the 3 bibs or set of bibs will be offered.