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    • Linge de maison

      Welcome to our cheap household linen store

      Find a whole range of household linen for children:

      • Children's license duvet cover
      • Children's beach towel
      • Fleece Throw

      As well as a range of household linen for adults at the end of the series or destocking at discount prices!

    • Cooked

      Welcome to our kitchen items store

      A regular supply of kitchen and pastry items AT DISCOUNT PRICES

    • Disposable tableware

      Welcome to our disposable tableware store

    • Decoration

      Welcome to our Deco and Furnishings store

      Also find trendy items for home and storage

    • DIY

      Welcome to our DIY store at discount price

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    Showing 1 - 36 of 235 items
    Showing 1 - 36 of 235 items

    Welcome to our boutique dedicated to the home & kitchen universe.

    • Kitchen items from major brands: Tefal, Seb, Philips, Rowenta
    • Luxury linens: Daniel Hechter, Azzaro, Frette, Pierre Cardin
    • Linens for children under licenses: Dora, Playmobil, Angry Birds, Mickey Mouse Disney

    Home and Kitchen universe is the reference boutique for the whole family.
    Here you will find all the products and novelties to make your home a real cocoon.

    Find a multitude of articles and ideas of beautiful gifts to offer for the holidays.

    Treat your loved ones with our inexpensive household items. From kitchen items to household linen, for adults and children.

    Everything to make your interior more comfortable. Your home, your comfort.

    Decorative, bathroom, bedroom and kitchen items at discount prices and in clearance!

    Clocks, ceramic objects - porcelain, lamps, night lights and various decorative items.