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Showing 1 - 36 of 39 items

Welcome to our store Cheap Duvet Cover Set

Maxxidiscount offer you a wide range of duvet covers from major brands at discount prices

How to choose your duvet cover?

To choose the perfect duvet cover, you will have to take into account the size of your bed so that it has a nice bed, but also a night routine.
Either way, your cover should be the same size as your duvet so measure it first.

The duvet covers 1 person have dimensions of 140x200 cm

The dimensions of the Double Duvet Covers have dimensions of 200x200 cm, 240x220 cm and 260x240 cm.

The duvet covers are accompanied by their pillowcases, several sizes for your pillowcases 60x70 cm, 63x63 cm, 70x90 cm, 80x80 cm.

Maxxidiscount also offer children's duvet covers with licenses like Siper-Man, Harry Potter, Miraculous, Paw Patrol and many more available now!

The dimensions of children's duvet covers are generally 140x200 or 140x90 cm.